We’ve all got computers that have lasted beyond our expectations. In spite of this, your hard drive – probably the most important component of your system – can be counted on to fail at some time, and without obvious warning. Whether its work files, contacts, emails, or digital photos, these files are important to you. Current statistics suggest that one in every ten hard drives will fail each year and, unless you’re backing up your files, you may lose some very important data.

You will agree that data backups are extremely important, but you don’t have the time to put into thinking about it. That’s why OfficeSmarts has a solution for you!

Forget about trying to remember to back up your files, or deciding on a safe place to store these backups. Even more so, can you be confident that your storage medium will not become obsolete or lose your data?

Through our partnership with Seerx Technologies and International Telecom Carrier Data Centre, OfficeSmarts is pleased to offer remote backup services for business and home users to complement traditional backups.

Remote backup services provide storage of files automatically via the Internet to a remote location. Typically, remote backup services update files on a regular schedule or when the software detects a change in the files. When files are backed up, the data is compressed, encrypted and then sent to a secure, remote storage location. All of this occurs automatically through your computer without you having to remember to do anything.

The two biggest advantages with remote backup services are that your data is automatically updated without depending on you to do it and your files are saved off-site. Most other storage media devices rely on you to initiate the backup and being responsible to find a secure location to store the media.

Regardless of which approach you take to backing up your computer files, having recently backed up files will save you a lot of panic and angst if your hard drive packs it in.

Got questions? Send us an email at besmartaboutit@officesmarts.ca and we’ll be happy to help you out, or go to our web site to learn more about remote backup services.