We have recently been advised of a scam involving domain renewal notices that attempt to give false domain expiration notices. These notices are coming from companies who present themselves as an official Canadian domain authority, yet are misleading the consumer to believe their domain will expire, will no longer be available to them, and will result in the loss of their web site.

Please be advised that any domain renewal notices coming from either Domain Registry of Canada (see sample), NameJuice.com, Brandon Gray Internet Services and/or Misk.com are false.

If you registered your domain through OfficeSmarts, please be assured that the only domain renewal notice you will receive is from our office.

We are aware of at least one client who has paid out money for a renewal which did not take place.

If you believe you have been misled, please feel free to contact the Competition Bureau at 1-800-348-5358 or visit their web site at http://www.competitionbureau.gc.ca/.