With so many different Internet activities requiring the use of a password, it is hard to be unique on all of them. But by creating unique passwords, you can be sure that your password, financial and other critical information are safe!

Did you know that if someone gains access to your password, they could easily attempt to access other on-line accounts using the same password?

A change in the URL prefix from http:// to https://, plus a key or padlock in the browser’s status bar indicate that a web site is secure. A secure session begins once a user logins to a secure area of a web site, such as a Store Checkout or Account Management area.

If you are on a web site whose primary objective is to provide basic information about the company and its products/services, it is not likely to have a secure portion.

Some browsers may display a notification pop up box that indicates you are leaving a non-secure site and transferring to a secure site. Click here to learn more about other ways to tell if your connection is secure.