Forget about the hype, what’s a blog anyways?

In simple terms, a blog is defined as a “web log”, something like a journal or dairy, made available on the Internet. Your blog can be on whatever topic you choose – gardening, favorite sports team, do-it-yourself projects, whatever; there are no limits.

Although blogs were originally intended to be a forum for sharing your unique personal interests with other people, blogging is increasingly being used by corporate business as well to communicate with their customers. With the help of blogging software, people with little or no technical knowledge can manage their own blog.

Think a blog is “no big deal”, think again! There are over 70 million blogging web sites on the Internet today.

Lee LeFever has put together an excellent video titled “Blogs in Plain English”, which you can see at After this, you should have a pretty good sense about a blog, and maybe you have already decided to start your own!