With the rapid growth and changes in Internet use and technologies, it is vital to keep up with the times. With today’s technologies, it is easier than ever to keep your web site current. For example, many clients are incorporating their site into a Site Content Editor, allowing them to easily make small text changes on their own. No more contacting your web agency to arrange for the changes, and then waiting passively for them to happen.

Five Reasons to Keep Your Web Site Refreshed

So people will know you are still in business
If your last activity was a few years back, people may wonder if you are still operating, or if you remember you have a web site. No different than a storefront, you would not direct customers to your place of business if you have not maintained the office, would you?

So search engines can find you
One factor in determining your SEO ranking is based on how recent your updates are.

So you can engage with your visitors
People like to be interactive on web sites; they take notice when you respond to their comments. This is your opportunity to change your business practices and develop relationships with your online customers.

So you can stay current and relevant
Image and reputation count for a lot in today’s world. When your clients know they can rely on you to stay up-to-date with industry trends and current events, they can trust you to provide the information and direction they may need.

So you can provide new product selection and information to your customers
Show your customers your newest products; tell them your latest information. A web site that is continually refreshed will keep your customers coming back to see what’s new.