This is the time of year when many companies make decisions regarding changes or enhancements to their web site. Is your company one of them? How long has it been since you’ve revamped your web site, or even looked at to ensure the content is current? If your web site is more than five years old, you are not only overdue for a new look, but what you have now may no longer be serving your needs.

Here are five reasons to refresh your old web site:

Devices have changed
Five years ago, people used their desk tops or laptops to access the web. Today, it is estimated that more than half of web users access the Internet through mobile devices and that number is growing rapidly. Your current site is probably not designed for mobile phone use, and really should be if you want mobile device users to access your web site. That means less graphics and enhanced navigation – check out our ‘Be Smart Internet Tip: Is your Web Site Mobile Friendly?’.

Browsers have changed
Five years ago, Google Chrome was in its infancy. Today, 59% of the world uses it. To ensure your site is displaying correctly on all browsers (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.), up-to-date programming is necessary.

Programming styles have changed
Five years ago, programming styles utilized a table code style, and your web site could be using this old style of code that is not being used anymore. Today’s programming styles are more robust, more efficient and allows for more interactivity with your visitors.

Screen resolution sizes have changed
Five years ago, typical screens had a resolution size of 800×600. Now, less than 0.5% of users have a screen size that small. Today’s screen sizes can be as large as 1920×1080 -making your site look extremely small.

Internet use has changed
Five years ago, many people still reached for the Yellow Pages. Today, 90% of North Americans use the Internet to help them with their consumer choices. If your web site is dated, you are losing business opportunities. Not to mention that a refreshed look shows your users you are up-to-date.