Email marketing enables you to communicate with your existing customers and prospects instead of passively waiting for them to return to your web site. Utilizing an e-newsletter campaign for your business is an effective means of communicating with your clients, contacts and prospects.

Quite simply, companies send two types of emails to their clients. One is a promotional email, which is used to get the recipient to buy or sign up for something. The second is a retention-based email, used to create a long-term relationship with the recipient.

E-newsletters are a good example of a retention-based email.

OfficeSmarts has been developing e-newsletters for companies for several years to foster long-term relationships between the company and their customers (click here to see samples). Together, with the company, we develop e-newsletters that address the concerns and interests of the customers to keep them coming back to the company’s web site.

Figure 1 shows the 2008 web traffic stats for a company that OfficeSmarts develops an e-newsletter for. The graph indicates that not only do web site hits go up immediately after the e-newsletter is sent (purple circle), but daily hits (red circles) also increase – and stay elevated! The e-newsletter is clearly keeping clients interested and coming back to the web site. And, the more hits a web site gets, the greater the likelihood that a sale or business will be conducted!

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One last note about email marketing: When it comes down to the bottom line, email marketing has the highest return-on-investment compared to other forms of marketing. Not only can you can react to customer responses in real-time, and immediately adapt your approach to produce a more effective marketing campaign for your customers, it ultimately gives you a bigger bang for your marketing buck.

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